We are a small business with a simple idea and product.

This business was created largely to allow our children the experience of starting with an idea and turning it into a business, including dealing with all the aspects such as the purchase of raw materials, construction, customer service, and financial management to name a few.   Our children play competitive golf so this is something they are passionate about as well.

The Product

Our goal is simple, we produce unique handmade alignment sticks that will provide the ability for any golfer to improve as well become a golf bag favorite; much like the loved putter, wedge or driver.

We create every set of alignment sticks by hand, starting with hardwood hickory dowels then painting, applying stain, and finishing with several coats of urethane for lasting protection.

We frequently add new color schemes to our inventory, however if you want something that you don't see we are glad to do it for you, just reach out.