The Goal

So here is the deal.  It's important to have goals in general, and we are passionate about having golf goals.  Our website is all about improving our golf game.

A brief story.  Back in college my roommate and great friend decided to try out for the golf team (Western Kentucky University).  The odds of him making the team were fairly low, he knew this but wanted to give it a shot.  He needed to leave early the morning of the try outs, I left him a note that I knew he would see before he walked out the door.  It read simply; "The goal is to get around in the fewest number of strokes...".   When he got back later that day I asked how he did, he said I shot the lowest score of the day, I just reflected on your note and kept everything simple he said.

My point is that as we work to refine our golf game and improve we must have goals, better yet a goal.  Now that we have the goal we work to accomplish it, and decisions become much more simple.  E.g. how we practice, to invest in new equipment, etc.  The note to my friend, who I had played hundreds of rounds with, was with intent to set a simple goal.

Ask yourself what is your goal?  It might be to have more fun, to win in your regular foursome match more frequently, to shoot a specific score, etc.  As easy as this seems it's difficult for us (myself included) to do.  I would also add, kept the goal simple.

I end many of my notes to customers with "take dead aim", perhaps this could be another blog post as it's has several meanings that are special to me.

Take dead aim


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